Top tips for your Paris vacation

  • The Musee Rodin — Auguste Rodin was fortunate to be recognized as a master in his own time; France let him live in this mansion for free, in exchange for endowing Paris with the sculptures he created while there. The result is a wonderful museum, almost comically filled to the brim with masterpiece after masterpiece. The gardens are even better, with Rodin’s famous, classic bronze and marble statues placed carefully throughout a bucolic setting.
  • Cluny — The Cluny is shorthand for the Musee du Moyen Age, and is part of a larger structure. While the Middle Ages are represented in the museum, the Thermes et Hotel de Cluny — ancient Roman bath ruins and 16th century abbot residences — together make for a very interesting tourist visit. The top draws at the Cluny are surely the six Lady with the Unicorn tapestries on the first floor. Medieval art abounds throughout the Musee du Moyen Age and Hotel de Cluny; the original architecture, though restored, is true to its time.
  • Musee Picasso — The Dada movement started in Paris, and the Picasso Museum has examples of Picasso’s contributions to that art form. With several thousand of his works here, however, the Picasso Museum is not confined to one art form — just as the artist himself was not. It’s a small museum, in a renovated 17th-century hotel. Despite its size, this is the largest, most well-rounded, and best collection of Pablo Picasso’s art in the world.
  • Musee de l’Orangerie — This remarkable little museum is at the west end of the Tuileries gardens. Formerly an orange tree grove, the Orangerie today is home to many of the best and well-known Impressionist paintings. Monet’s Water Lily series are enduringly popular, as are his garden at Giverny paintings. Besides Monet, these are works of art by Renoir, Matisse, Cezanne and more, but Paris tourists really plan to come for the Water Lily paintings.
  • Musée du Petit Palais — Located in the upscale 8th arrondissement, the Petit Palais is fittingly filled, chockablock, with a multitude of glorious works. The museum is very eclectic in style, as the collection contains everything from ancient artifacts to 20th century art. The Renaissance art at the Petit Palais museum is especially worth a look. The garden within the walls of the museum is peaceful and beautiful. It’s one of the best rest spots a tourist can plan to take. Now, this art museum has many temporary exhibits; the Petit Palais can look a bit different from one visit to the next.
  • The Hotel Rooms and Suites — The rooms are large, even by North American standards. Most luxury hotels in Paris still have small, European baths and bedrooms, but the Four Seasons George V Hotel bathrooms and bedrooms are opulent. Half the suites and deluxe rooms have terraces, and many have views of the Eiffel Tower. The bathrooms are so posh, they’re almost royal. They are made with polished marble, with double sinks and Bulgari bath products. The in-room safe, room service, in-room spa services, private bar, large flat-screen satellite television, down pillows and duvets — not to mention Four Season’s signature plush terry bathrobes — may make it tempting to spend all day in your room.
  • The Fitness Center — The Fitness Centre and full-service spa are an extravagant part of this top Paris hotel. Many travelers believe that after a long day of travel and sightseeing, a luxury vacation is made better with a pampering spa package. Spa packages include Le Tout Chocolate (All About Chocolate), Destination Paris (Forget Jet Lag), and A Vivre a Deux (Romance Package). All Four Seasons luxury spa packages include body scrubs, wraps, and massages. There are also separate skin care packages, massages a la carte, body treatments and spa packages for men. Remember, the 8th arrondissement is the most fashionable quarter of Paris. Recovery from shopping with a luxury spa treatment at the Four Seasons is incomparable.
  • The staff — The service is impeccable. From the concierge desk to the waiters to housekeeping, and even the laundry service and shoeshine providers, the staff is one friendly and polite. They are also helpful regarding making suggestions and reservations at nearby restaurants, and their knowledge regarding the ins-and-outs of travel in France is hard to beat. Four Seasons staff contradicts the Paris reputation for snobbish behavior.
  • Dining — While there is 24-hour room service (busiest time is breakfast), the Four Seasons Hotel George V has one of the best hotel restaurants in Paris. Le Cinq is a Michelin 2 Star restaurant open from 7AM to 10:30PM. French cuisine is served, of course, and the setting is elegant yet relaxed. La Galerie, open from 8:30AM to midnight, is a very popular place to have snacks and afternoon tea in this Paris hotel. The piano players are highly skilled, and play from 3PM to midnight every day. Finally, the Marble Courtyard, open seasonally, provides a quiet outdoor respite for enjoying drinks and light meals.




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Girls Students Paris

Girls Students Paris

Girls Students is one of the oldest and most reliable Paris escorts services

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